Ambien Benefits

Not getting enough sleep is not healthy and should not be underestimated. If you suffer from insomnia, don’t hesitate talking to your doctor about the advantages of short-term sleep aids, such as AMBIEN (zolpidem tartrate).

While natural sleep is best, AMBIEN can help you:

Fall asleep. AMBIEN helps individuals to fall asleep in 15 to 30 minutes after taking the dose. For this reason, it you only be taken when you are ready to go to bed.

Stay asleep. It is very annoying to wake up many times during the night without being able to go back to sleep. In clinical investigations, patients that suffered from insomnia reported considerably fewer awakenings, after being treated with Ambien.

Prevent waking up too early. AMBIEN helps you enjoy a full night’s sleep, and has been proven effective in increasing the total sleep time. That’s why AMBIEN recommends that you dedicate 7 to 8 hours of sleep while taking this medication.

In addition, AMBIEN:

Generally doesn’t disturb sleep stages. Studies done with volunteers showed that AMBIEN for the most part doesn’t disrupt sleep architecture. Sleep architecture refers to the alternating stages of REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM sleep.

REM sleep is frequently called as “dreaming sleep.” During regular sleep cycles, your body goes through all stages of REM and non-REM sleep.

In scientific investigations, individuals under AMBIEN showed very similar time in each stage of sleep as those who took a sugar pill.

Doesn’t linger in your system. AMBIEN leaves your system after 7 to 8 hours of rest, so when you wake up the next day, you can feel rested and refreshed , not groggy. It is important that you are able to dedicate a full night sleep while taking AMBIEN.

Is well-tolerated, this means that there is very low possibilities of side-effects when taking it for a short-period of time.

Know the Benefits of a Full Night’s Sleep

Being able to have a good night’s sleep is extremely important for your physical and mental health. Make an appointment with your physician if you haven been able to enjoy a good night sleep. You might want to ask your doctor about different treatments available to you, like blending a new lifestyle with an effective sleep medication such as AMBIEN.